SMP Sportscards of Grapevine, Texas has won the
Congratulations to our NBA Hobby Shop Makeover
winner, SMP Sportscards. This shop will receive a
shop makeover from celebrity designer Michael
Moloney, to take place in the next 2-3 months. SMP
Sportscards collected over 61,000 wrappers from
opened packs of consumer's NBA trading cards,
more than the other 35 participating hobby shops
from around the country. Due to their participation
in the promotion, the winning shop had a basketball
business sales increase of 250 percent.
"My business started in the back of a gas station
more than 20 years ago, so winning the promotion
is one of the biggest highlights of my life," said
Scott Pierce, owner of SMP Sportscards. "It will be
great to have a brand new shop for my customers
since they were the ones that made it happen.
There are bigger shops out there, but none of them
have customers as great as we do."

In order to drive wrapper redemptions and insure
that he was positioned to win, Pierce ran a special
raffle for every NBA box purchased and gave away
20 different prizes during a customer appreciation
event in early April.

"Remodeling a hobby shop represents a unique
design opportunity for me," said Moloney. "It's
important for a store to be an appealing and shop-
able place for customers. I’m looking forward to
working with the NBA to create such a space for
SMP Sportscards."

"The promotion has generated a tremendous
response from the trading card industry and has
had a positive impact on sales in the hobby shops
across the country," said Lisa Goldberg, NBA
Senior Director, Trading Card licensing. "We are
thrilled with the overall outcome and are looking
forward to working with Michael Moloney to bring his
design expertise to SMP Sportscards."

Thirty-five shops from across the country
participated in a wrapper redemption promotion that
required them to collect wrappers from opened
packs of consumer's NBA trading cards. The
promotion officially tipped off Dec.1, 2006 and ran
through Feb. 28, 2007. Participating hobby shop
owners reported a 40 percent average sales
increase of NBA trading cards over the previous
year due to their shop's participation in the
NBA Announces Hobby Shop Makeover Winner
Friday, May 4th, 2007
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